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[XUN] UltraNote is READY, Everyone is welcome to mine.

UltraNote News and Announcements
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[XUN] UltraNote is READY, Everyone is welcome to mine.

Post by egynw » Sun Nov 05, 2017 4:04 am

Hello everyone,
UltraNote team are happy to announce the release of UltraNote WITHOUT any bugs :)
A truly anonymous cryptocurrency with a unique, untraceable,
encrypted messaging system and flexible deposits that pay interest in exchange for securing the blockchain.
Release date:  4st november 2017
Name: UltraNote
Annual interest rate: 1.49% to 3% (depending on deposit term)
Total coins: 85,000,000,000 (6 decimals)
Block time target: 2 Min (10x faster than Bitcoin)
Block reward: 150 XUN constant
Algo: Cryptonight, Proof of Work (Proof of Activity at a later update)
Mining type: CPU efficient, ASIC resistant
Ticker: XUN
Mining Pools
UltraNote will be mined very simply through the wallet. We will release the pools in about 2 days,
 so please keep an eye on UltraNote blog and forum for updates.
For meantime anyone can start mining using the CLI wallet. Links to download the wallet:
Windows CLI Wallet:
Linux CLI Wallet:
How to start mining:

UltraNote - XUN
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