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Ultranote Competitive advantage

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Ultranote Competitive advantage

Post by Nichop » Wed Oct 11, 2017 1:24 pm

Over the past 8 years the massive international success of Bitcoin has of course brought much attention to the blockchain technology and has along the way encouraged several developers to implement their own blockchain development to take advantage of its revolutionary technology to try improving the way people carry business as well as routine daily activities. The blockchain technology becoming more and more popular, today in September 2017, the cryptocurrency reference website in regards to listing and sorting cryptocurrencies/ Altcoins has around 800 listed coins each of them looking to replicate the Bitcoin story.
Unfortunately this ‘’Bull Run’’ has also brought along several challenges for cryptocurrency market players for instance; trust, greed, confusion and furthermore general public education. While some Altcoins are simply quick money making solutions for a group of unreliable developers (scams) hindering trust, promoting greed and creating confusions among interested investors/ users not knowing where to put their money, it is essential for XUN to care about general public education and get them to understand the real values behind the blockchain technology and what XUN has to offer.
While majority of Altcoins develop their business model to be a newer or better version of Bitcoin which is at the end of the day an alternative payment system to fiat currencies with some level of privacy to be used predominantly via wallet to wallet interface. Unltranote is bringing to the market real added value compared to the classic wallet to wallet asset transfer system of other cryptocurrencies. Ultranote will integrate a fully encrypted, untraceable, 100% anonymous communication application capable to handle voice/video recording, instant messaging  as well as contactless in-store payments via its smartphone apps.  Intraceability and anonymity are among our core features which set us apart. Bitcoin like most of other cryptocurrencies for instance are anonymous but traceable and it is possible for anyone you interact with on the blockchain to know your coin balance and your transactions. Read article from published in 2015 for reference.

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