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Who we serve

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Who we serve

Post by Nichop » Wed Oct 11, 2017 1:29 pm

With the ambition to create a completely anonymous and moreover egalitarian cryptocurrency, Ultranote is designed to appeal to a wide international audience due to its simplicity of utilisation, mining specifications as well as pricing strategy.

Positioned to offer a trustworthy and comfortable environment for adults as well as younger people, our objective is to provide a cryptocurrncy with a reasonable level of circulation. We believe regardless of your activities you can easily benefit from Ultranote. Message your relatives and friends privately and safely. Transfer funds to your loved ones with minimum fees calculated in cents compared to mainstream money transfer facilities like Paypal or Western Union charging between 8%-10% on the amount transferred. Pay for your daily expense via the mobile wallet contactless application. Providing a very safe and affordable currency for the mass-market we are expecting parents to feel comfortable enough to make XUN their to-go coin for their children pocket money. Children can feel safe using their coins on the relevant platforms to enjoy the freedom of taking care of their own finances and build up their financial education with the fixed deposit interest rate feature of Ultranote.

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