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Using SMOS to mine Ultranote

Mining tips and tricks
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Using SMOS to mine Ultranote

Post by EatMoTacos » Wed Feb 21, 2018 3:08 am

So I managed to mine some Ultranote using my SMOS system with my 7 card AMD setup, seems to work very well considering that I have an AMD and not Nvidia. 
A few things I did was first make sure for AMD I clocked my GPU a bit higher than my usual setup. This will make the cards run a bit hotter but not by much For NVIDIA you won't have to setup anything fromm my understanding (I could be wrong)...
  • Setup your wallet as usual and let it sync.
  • Make sure you have your system stable and the wallet running on a separate PC.
  • In SMOS go to the right hand side where it says "Rig Groups" and select it.
  • From here you will be able to select the available miner application that SMOS uses.
  • Click on the "Add Group" button up top. Green one.Look for "claymore-xmr-v11.2"
  • When the menu expands there should be a blank template that will appear like so: "-xpool stratum+tcp:// -xwal YourAddress.$rigName -xpsw x -mport"
  • Replace you config file with something like this: " -xpool stratum+tcp:// -xwal YourAddress -xpsw x -mport 0
  • Load and reboot your Rig with the above setup and it should start mining!
Feel free to donate some Ultranote :P

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Re: Using SMOS to mine Ultranote

Post by Shinjuku » Wed Feb 21, 2018 3:28 am

Very nice, thank you 

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